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Looking to improve lives of both humans and animals? Animals Healing People Therapeutic, Inc. saves cats and dogs from an uncertain life at animal shelters and trains them to aid veterans.

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Having a canine or feline "comfort" shelter animal in your life helps relieve stress, lowers ones blood pressure, and can help reduce anxiety levels. "Comfort" pets will provide you endless companionship and love in repayment for the minor shelter and care you provide in return.

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Our program is intended to help veterans and others begin their recovery process. Having a shelter "comfort" animal (canine or feline) in your life helps with fighting depression, reducing the severity of panic attacks, dealing with PTSD, helping with sleeping problems, and distracting one from focusing on physical pain.

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Welcome to Animals Healing People Therapeutic, Inc. (AHP)

Our mission is simple: Relieving stress and helping the rehabilitation of veterans or anyone else who suffer from physical injury or emotional issues by providing them with a shelter pet for the love and comfort such animals can provide. Two goals are sought: 1. "Healing Vets (and others)..." In essence, aiding our countries wounded warriors, veterans, and anyone else who presently suffer alone; especially our military who have sacrificed so greatly on our behalf; 2. "...while saving pets." That is, providing intelligent sensitive pets who provide relief from stress, endless and unconditional love, and loyalty, with a loving home in which to live out their remaining years.

Our needy Citizens
Animals Healing People-Therapeutics, Inc. (AHP) is dedicated to improving the quality of life in local communities by reaching out to veterans and others who suffer emotional or physical issues.

Veterans are a community’s most valuable members. There are some 335,000 veterans in the state of Kentucky alone with over 14,000 residing in our own Hardin County. Returning veterans, especially those who are disabled, face unemployment due to a damaged economy which is further disheartening to those already with fragile morale. AHP is dedicated to helping the physical or mental rehabilitation of returning military so that they may get on with their lives, find fulfilling careers, and take care of their families. Because AHP is presently in its initial organizing phase, we do not yet offer service dogs but it is a discipline we hope to incorporate as soon as possible. At present, we earmark shelter animals with potential recipients’ families help to serve the intended person as "comfort" pets. These "comfort" or "companion" pets are intended for long-term commitment, either by placement in the home, or if that is impractical, for visitation at a local shelter. Such "comfort" or "companion" pets have been proven over and over again to help relieve stress and provide joy and comfort for both the intended person as well as their family members.

Intelligent and Attentive
Loving pets are a source of love and comfort helping provide stability and positive energy. Scientific studies have shown that owning a pet leads to a longer and healthier life. While professional therapy treatment is essential for recovery from severe mental, emotional, or physical injury, professional therapists can't be there 24/7. "Comfort" pets, however, are always by your side. They don't care if you are having a bad day, they love you and stick with you just the same.

Love to Live Again
The phrase "emotional stress" encompasses a large number of conditions, including all types of anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, concentration problems, panic attacks, angry outbursts, etc. Helping persons deal with their environment in a healthy way distracts someone from the pain and anxiety they might otherwise encounter. The difficulty that returning military persons experience in adjusting to life back at home, even if unemployment is not an issue, is improved by the presence of shelter "comfort" animals.

About Us
Animals Helping People-Therapeutic, Inc. (AHP) functions as an all-volunteer organization. There are no members or stock-holders. AHP was newly formed in May 2012 in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky. In September 2012, AHP was accredited by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) public charity nr 35-244-4878. AHP is headed by it's founder and CEO Roger E. Biesel, a career Defense Department civilian who after 43-years was retired as a Cold-War warrior in March 2007. Mr. Biesel held a parallel career as an Active Army Reservist retiring as a full-colonel with 35-years in 1995. He and his lifetime wife, Joan, have three adult daughters and four grandsons.

Give Back
Are you someone looking to add a little comfort to your life or a volunteer looking to donate time and money to a worthy cause? Call us today at (270) 982-2873.


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Wounded warriors present and past and all others suffering stress.